About Helen and Jim Wilsford

Helen and Jim Wilsford have attended the Orangeburg church of Christ for 36 years where Jim serves as an elder and Helen teaches Bible classes. For most of this time, Jim has taught the Lord’s Day morning Bible class. Most of these lessons were first taught to the adults in Orangeburg. Helen is the editor of these materials.

Helen and Jim met at Florida Christian College (Florida College) from which they graduated in 1954 with A.A. degrees. They have been married for 58 years. Both have attended David Lipscomb College.

Helen holds both a B.A. and an M.A. from South Carolina State University. Jim holds a B.A. from Kent State University, a M.A. from Eastern Michigan University, an Ed.S. from Appalachian State University, and a Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina.

Helen and Jim spent their careers as school teachers and administrators. Before coming to Orangeburg, Jim was an English teacher and school administrator. Helen also was a teacher and school administrator.

Helen and Jim worked with congregations in Virginia, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia, in addition to their secular jobs. During this time, Helen and Jim helped to start three of these congregations, including the building of meeting houses. Helen and Jim retired in 1999 and have since devoted considerable time to publishing literature suitable for class work and personal Bible study.

During his secular career, Jim served 15 years as Superintendent of the Orangeburg (SC) School District Five. In 1989, the school district and Jim received the ComputerWorld/Smithsonian award for advancing education systems technology. That same year, Jim was selected as the National School Superintendent of the Year by the American Association of School Administrators. Helen and Jim authored the multimedia reading software, Phonics Too, and Jim's book, Reading, Writing, and Phonics Too. In 2005, Catch the Silent Silver--a collection of Jim's poetry from across the years--was published.

Helen and Jim have three sons—David, Philip, and Timothy—and two grandchildren—Caroline and Christopher.

Update: GospelLessons.info had 208,663 lessons downloaded in 2013. We expect to approach 250,000 lessons downloaded in 2013, if the Lord is willing. The site has downloaded over 600,000 lessons, worldwide, since January 16, 2006. Helen and I share the blessing of this good work for the Lord. Even though we are now restricted, God has given us a great avenue to sow the seed of the kingdom. I write, Helen edits, and Microsoft and Web.com do the rest, so that I pray that God, who gives the increase, will continue to empower all four of us (yes, especially Microsoft and Web.com). To God be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus is our prayer in Jesus name, Amen.